Hi! Kathryn Yarborough here.

I’m the creator of the Manifesting Clients Academy, an inspirational speaker, author, and event facilitator.

My Clients:

My clients are super cool on purpose, heart-based women solopreneurs and small business owners who want to manifest clients, feel fulfilled, grow the business their heart longs for, and generate a life-sustaining, abundant income. 

I provide training, feedback and support so that they can grow a business they love. 

To get started working with me:

If you want more clients, let’s talk to “diagnose” why you don’t have as many clients as you want and what you can do about it. Click here to schedule a Manifest More Clients Complimentary Consultation. 

My Past Professional Experience

In the past, I’ve been a psychospiritual facilitator, integrative breathworker, dance/movement therapist, and manifestation coach.  I’ve created online courses and programs.

Other history that sort of matters

I grew up in Florida then went to college at Clemson University in South Carolina and got my B.A. with a major in French – and no – I can’t speak French, yet! From there I went to Smith College in Massachusetts and received an M.F.A. (Master of Fine Arts) in dance. I went back to school about 10 years later and did what’s called the alternate route to become a dance/movement therapist.  And then later I became an integrative breathworker.

But, in my opinion, what really matters is…

I began my own personal growth and healing journey in my early twenties both because I was interested in it and because I was dealing with depression. Through my own process, I learned many tools and skills that I continue to share with people as needed.

In my thirties, I became a dance/movement therapist. Dance/movement therapy blends the use of movement and words to facilitate healing. I worked for over four years on the eating disorder and general psychiatry units of a  hospital in Maryland.

I started my dance/movement therapy private practice in 2001.

My work evolved to include manifestation coaching with a specialty in working with conscious business owners and helping professionals as a kind of alternative type business coach. If you’re not familiar with manifestation, it’s the practice of transforming your desires into reality.

In the meantime, I had begun taking classes at the Inspiration Consciousness School in Maryland where I trained to become an integrative breathworker. Once I completed that training, I added it to the tools that I used to support my clients.

In 2008, I founded the Center for Embodied Consciousness. I rented space to other practitioners at the center, but in the summer of 2011, I became clear that running what seemed to be a wellness center type of business was not in alignment with my purpose. I closed the space and moved my office to my home.

I began offering online meditation practices and online workshops early in 2011 and discovered that I loved it!  For the next few years, I created more online courses and programs.

In the fall of 2017, I committed to working with heart-based, on purpose entrepreneurs. I launched the Entrepreneurs’ Abundance Circle.  It was an online membership community where I provided live, online training for heart-based, on purpose women entrepreneurs.

In early 2018, I started offering online Manifesting Clients Classes.  I love teaching them.  And in August of 2018, this website and the Manifesting Clients Academy was born.

In late 2019, I did my first live event in Florida and decided I love doing live events. And then, in 2020 because of COVID19 and social distancing, I recommitted to growing my business online. My online membership community – the Moving Sidewalk Movement – was born. I also discovered I love doing my events online. I turned one of my events – the Manifesting Clients Hoopla – into a fantastic online event that I am now doing online a few times a year.

Because I specialize in using Facebook as a marketing tool, I launched the first Unleash Your Light On Facebook 12-Week Program in November 2020. Looking to the future, I plan to offer it twice a year.

In April of 2021, I offered the first Get On Your Moving Sidewalk Event. In it, you get to meet your future on purpose self and learn about my Keep Moving Forward 5-part approach to growing the business your heart longs for. I highly recommend this online event!

If you have any questions about working with me, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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