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Kathryn Yarborough, Founder of the Manifesting Clients Academy


If you’re a Coach, Healer, or On Purpose Solopreneur and you want more clients, you’re in the right place for training, community, and summit speaking opportunities so that you can grow a thriving, successful business you love.

How ready are you for more clients?

How ready are you for 
more clients?

With the Client Ready Assessment tool you can determine how ready you are for clients. You’ll also discover what you need to do to get more ready so you can be a client magnet and grow a thriving, successful business you love.

If you’re ready for more clients now, sign up for my CALL FOR SPEAKERS or network at my twice a month Speakers with Heart Masterminds.

Get the FREE Client Ready Assessment and find out!

Wondering why you don't have more clients?

I'm Kathryn Yarborough, the founder of the Manifesting Clients Academy and I'd love to chat with you about it.

There are several possible reasons you don’t have more clients. 

Maybe you need to tell more people about your services. It’s possible your offer needs tweaking to be more attractive. It could be what you say about what you do doesn’t resonate with your ideal clients

Maybe you need to build your confidence, change the story you’re telling yourself, or clear blocks. 

There are so many possible reasons you don’t have as many clients as you want.

Let’s chat to find out why you don’t have more clients and create a plan to do something about it.

Testimonials from women like you

When I started working with Kathryn, I was struggling with being seen and putting myself out there fully. I signed up for Kathryn’s Facebook Live Challenge. With the challenge, I gained confidence with creating reels and FB lives. After the challenge was over, I wanted to continue on this path to become a strong speaker. I signed up for 12 speaking private sessions with Kathryn. The time with Kathryn helped me in more ways than I could have imagine. She helped me develop my signature talk and has given me confidence to seek speaking engagements. I would highly recommend working with Kathryn if you are ready to show up for your clients/business.

Samantha Tishner

I’ve been a practitioner for over 30 years. For almost all this time, marketing has been a struggle. I’ve done a ton of programs that I started and quit because asking those basic questions was so confronting to me that I gave up. Kathryn Yarborough has helped me come up with answers to those questions. Kathryn is practical, down-to-earth. She makes it step-by-step easy to get past these difficult spots. So, if you are interested in building your business, and you want an excellent person to help you get there, Kathryn Yarborough is the person to go to.

Sandra Lee

Kathryn sees opportunities. Every time I bring a new idea to a coaching session, Kathryn asks all the right questions so I can see all sides of the situation. She offers suggestions to fail proof my ideas. Most importantly, working with Kathryn gives me the confidence to dream bigger and better.

Francine Juhlin

The Vibrant Entrepreneurs Gathering I just attended was awesome! I loved the guest speakers as well as the mix of education, sharing, and networking. Each of my breakout sessions was meaningful. The whole event was filled with great information and inspiration.

Lilia Shoshana Rae

I've attended many of Kathryn's events, both in-person and online. They are always high-energy and full of valuable information to support women entrepreneurs with their businesses. A bonus is meeting new women and deepening connections with women I already know.

Ginny Robertson, Founder

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