Speak With Your Body

How Entrepreneurs Become More Vibrant Speakers

Kathryn Yarborough, Vibrant Speaker Coach

As a vibrant speaker...

What you say and how you say it touches people.
You engage your audience.
Your listeners take the next step with you!

So instead of...

Being a talking head.
Relying on slides to add spunk to your presentation.
Feeling uncomfortable using gestures when you speak.

Do the Speak With Your Body Program and become more vibrant, engaging, and impactful!

The Speak With Your Body Program is NOT for you if...

You've never done any public speaking and you're a beginner, scared, or have no clue how to get started. 

The Speak With Your Body Program is for you if
one of these is true:

You're an entrepreneur and you want to speak more vibrantly about your business so that more people say YES to taking the next step with you.
You're an experienced presenter and you'd like to feel more confident using a wider variety of gestures, facial expressions, and full body movement.
You're a good presenter and you want to get better: more engaging, authentic, and expressive!

Kathryn gives me clarity, support, and sees me in my fullest potential. She makes the impossible seem reachable. ~ J. P.

Through Kathryn's Speak With Your Body program, I've reunited my heart, my mind, and my body, which feels great. Even better, it has helped me to have greater confidence and freedom as I express myself in speeches, and in life.  ~ S.G.

The Speak With Your Body Program includes

Nine private sessions with Kathryn Yarborough (Value $2700) where you will:

Integrate Body-Mind-Emotions

Using a variety of movement experientials, you'll increase the connection between your body, mind, and emotions.

Express Yourself More Fully

Increasing your movement vocabulary and vocal variety is key to being the fullest expression of yourself.

Develop a Presentation

Using the Speak With Your Body Method you can create a presentation that's vibrant, engaging, and dynamic.

BONUS Speaker Spot

For qualified women entrepreneurs: Guaranteed 30-minute speaker spot during an On Purpose Woman Global Community (OPWGC) online gathering. To be qualified, you must work on a 30-minute presentation during the Speak With Your Body Program and have a topic that is appropriate for the OPWGC.

Click here to find out more about the OPWGC.

Speak With Your Body Program

For a limited* time ONLY $897


Refund Policy

If this program is not helpful within the first 3 sessions, you can cancel it and get a full refund.

About Kathryn Yarborough

Hi! It's Kathryn here. I've helped on purpose, heart-based entrepreneurs grow businesses they love since 2006. To find out more about me,  click here.


If you have questions about anything, click the following link to contact me (Kathryn). Click here.

Don't wait.
Become a more vibrant speaker now!

* I believe the Speak With Your Body program should cost $1397, but it's a relatively new program so until my calendar is filled, I want to make it easy for my ideal clients to get it. For a limited time, it's only $897.

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