Speak to Attract Clients

For Entrepreneurs Who Want to Be Authentically Vibrant Speakers

If you want...

Your ideal clients to lean in, listen, and take a next step with you when you speak.
People to experience you as a dynamic, engaging, and authentically vibrant speaker.
To consistently attract clients.

Speak to Attract Clients

Zoom Workshop with Kathryn Yarborough

I love Kathryn. She always gets me to see things from a different perspective.

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Phillis Menschner

You've encouraged me to be the fullest expression of myself! After a life of trying to blend in, I'm now working on standing out.

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Gina Tyckoson

What You'll Learn:

A 5-step approach to consistently attract your ideal clients when you speak.
How to be authentically vibrant so your ideal clients will feel called to work with you.
A powerful movement exercise you can use to integrate your body, mind, emotions so can be the fullest expression of yourself when you speak.

During this interactive workshop, you’ll…

Use movement exercises to break free from childhood conditioning that blocked your authentic vibrancy.
Get to know other participants in break out rooms.
Identify content for your presentation(s) that your ideal clients will love.
Learn the art of asking your ideal clients to take a next step.

Whether you’re presenting online or in person, you can use what you learn in the Speak to Attract Clients workshop to become an authentically vibrant speaker who consistently attracts her (or his) ideal clients!

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Join me, Kathryn Yarborough, for the workshop!

I'm a Vibrant Speaker Coach and Manifesting Clients Mentor.

About me

For this workshop, I've integrated what I know as a dance/movement therapist, inspirational speaker, and manifesting clients mentor. My intention is to teach you how to be the fullest expression of yourself when you speak so you can easily attract clients. For more about me, click here to read my full bio.

Want to Be an Authentically Vibrant Speaker so that
you consistently attract clients? Register now:

Speak to Attract Clients

Zoom Workshop with Kathryn Yarborough

Friday July 29

8am - 11am Pacific / 11am - 2pm Eastern


Refund Policy

If something happens and you can't make the event, if you cancel 1 week before the event, you'll receive 100% refund. No refunds in the week before the event.


If you have questions about anything, click the following link to contact me (Kathryn). Click here.

Replay Available

The replay will be available within 48 hours. However, it's highly interactive and you need to show up to get the most benefit.