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Speak from Your Core

so that when you speak, your audience feels:

Touched by your words.
Inspired to make a change that will improve their lives.
Motivated to take a next step with you.

Speak from Your Core October 13-14
2-Day Intensive with Kathryn Yarborough

The Speak from Your Core 2-Day Intensive 

is a 2-day transformational experience where you'll...

Discover content for a signature talk.

Become expressive and authentically vibrant.

Learn how to craft a client-attracting presentation.

Through the speak with your body process (used in the Speak from Your Core Intensive), I’ve become comfortable expressing myself with my body when I speak. I used to feel stiff and restrained. Now, I speak up and show up fully. My presentations are better received, and more people have signed up for my group program. Working with Kathryn is totally worth it! She’s brilliant.

Justine Peacock
Energy Psychotherapist

What to Expect

A transformational personal and professional growth experience where you will:

Part 1
Awaken Your Body

Use mindful movement to awaken your body's inner impulse to move.
Increase your body awareness when you speak so that gestures and full body movement will come naturally.
Experience a range of expressive movement so that you reclaim your authentic vibrancy and expressiveness.

Part 2
Become Expressive

Make sounds as you move so that your voice becomes dynamic and expressive.
Speak aligned words when you move so that you develop the ability to speak from your core.
Break the speaking habits formed as a result of childhood or corporate conditioning.

Part 3
Discover Your Message

Let your body and voice respond to a series of specific questions so that you uncover content for a presentation - content that comes from your core, matters, and has deep meaning for you.
As a result, you'll have gestures that go with your words in an organic and meaningful way so that when you speak, they come naturally.

Part 4
Craft a Presentation

Learn the Client-Attracting Presentation Formula and begin to craft a presentation with content from your core.
Be able to use this presentation formula in any setting to ensure that potential clients move forward in working with you.

Before working with Kathryn, I spoke at a slow pace, censoring my words before voicing them. I learned to drop down into my body and get out of my head. By speaking from an aligned body/mind place, I now bring variety and spontaneity to my speaking, creating greater interest for my audience, and making it more fun. Using what I learned in the Speak with Your Body program, I received rave reviews from my last speaking engagement. One member of the audience said she was moved to tears by my talk (in a good way).

Lilia Shoshanna Rae
Angel connector and spiritual mentor for lightworkers and energy healers

Speak from Your Core

Friday - Saturday October 13-14

8am - 2pm Pacific / 10am - 4pm Central / 11am - 5pm Eastern

Space is limited. Don't wait!

Be a speaker who touches, inspires, and motivates her audience.


Cancellation Policy

If you're unable to attend for any reason, you will get a full refund if you let Kathryn know by October 6. No refunds after October 6. Click here.

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