Do you have as many clients as you want?
Has your business grown as much as you want it to?

Isn’t it time to grow the business your heart longs for?

With the I LOVE MY BUSINESS! Epic Business Story Workbook, you can!

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Epic Business Story Workbook

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Do you want to LOVE your business in 2023? Whether you're just getting started as an on purpose solopreneur or taking your business to the next level, if you feel like there's more... 

...more clients, more opportunity, more money, more fulfillment, and more ways for you to enjoy life and love your business. There is!

Now is your time. You CAN make it happen. Once you've created your epic business story, you'll have a plan to get there. And the great thing about it is YOU get to design it the way you want it, the way you see it, and the way you’ve always dreamed it could be.

With the I LOVE MY BUSINESS! Epic Business Story Workbook, you'll paint the picture of what you want for your BIG vision, for what's calling to you over the next year, for what you want to create now, and how you want to feel along the journey. You'll have chapters in your epic business story about your offers, money, what people say about you, attracting clients, what you're selling, how you're spending your time, and more!

When you've completed this workbook, you'll have the vision, plan, and action steps that will make 2023 be the year you say, "I LOVE MY BUSINESS!"

I'm Kathryn Yarborough

Author of I LOVE MY BUSINESS! Epic Business Story Workbook and Creator of the Manifesting Clients Academy

I've taught women entrepreneurs how to attract clients and grow the business their hearts long for since 2006. Find out more.

The workbook comes as a PDF file and Word document so you can choose which format works best for you.