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Your Voice Matters: Name It, Frame It, Claim It

Everyone has a message, a Heart's Voice that gives their life meaning and purpose. Gail shares her proven formula for discovering that message and sharing it with the world. In this step-by-step process, participants will learn to raise their voice to make a positive impact in the world.

Gail Dixon

Gail Dixon is a Speaker, Author, and Coach who guides speakers, thought leaders, and mission driven entrepreneurs in creating messages that make an impact. As leader of The Heart’s Voice Movement, Gail is committed to creating a future where the Heart’s Voice is the universal language that heals the world.


Networking With Heart: Create Connections That Matter

Love it or hate it, networking is vital for growing your business. Ginny Robertson shares her best tips for creating meaningful connections with ease and grace gleaned from 23 years of running a global networking organization.

Ginny Robertson

Ginny Robertson offers opportunities for deep connection, visibility, and being comfortable playing a bigger role in your business. As the Founder of the On Purpose Woman Global Community & Magazine, she supports you in being seen and heard so you can share your gifts and make your unique difference.


3 Ways to a Faster and Easier Yes!

What if more interested and engaged prospects showed up to your sales table READY to know more about working with you? Now, you could have sales conversations that actually ended with a clear YES or a NOT NOW! No convincing, compelling or selling, just a conversation between 2 people that helps the prospect understand how your solution best solves the problem that's stopping them from realizing success.

Abigail Tiefenthaler

As the co-owner of Savvy Sales Strategy, Abigail Tiefenthaler works with her entrepreneur clients to develop a strategically aligned, coordinated, and integrated marketing system that keeps them focused on what they do best: coaching, consulting and growing their businesses. For over three decades, Abigail’s focus has been helping companies launch and leverage their brand to become more visible and more profitable by impacting the relationships they hold with their customers. She has deep experience in brand strategy/management, advertising, and loyalty marketing.


Intuition Is Your Super Power

Are you Intuitive?
I believe we all have an intuition. However, your intuition can be more and more developed.
Many of us look outside of ourselves for answers. We create pro and con lists, take a poll or call a friend. Candace McKim shows you how to stop following trends and fads in marketing and grow your business intuitively!

Candace McKim

Candace McKim will talk to you how your intuition is showing up for you and how to grow it even more! You'll be able to stop following trends and fads in marketing and grow your successful business intuitively!


Healing Your Business with the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are an incredible spiritual tool for business owners looking to gain a deeper awareness to the hidden aspects of their companies. Learn more with Caroline Sequin about the Akashic Records and how a reading can help to understand your business.

She looks into the business's soul purpose, uncovers blocks that are holding you and your business back, and helps you tap into it's power to bring prosperity and growth to your business.

Caroline Sequin

Caroline Sequin, grew up in a small town in mid-Michigan. In her early 20's she moved to Central Florida and began her career as a Licensed Massage Therapist. She was naturally gifted as a therapist due to her intuitive nature. From there she was led to studying Myofascial Release Therapy and learned about the Akashic Field. She started studying the Akashic Records and became passionate in helping others heal their life and business within the records. She is an Akashic Guide, Channel, Conduit, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Myofascial Release Therapist, and Reiki Master. She is a cherished daughter, sister, aunt, and friend to many.


IGNITE YOUR INNER SPEAKER: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs to Transform the World!

Are you a passionate, holistic leader or entrepreneur eager to inspire and uplift others with your message?

Welcome to IGNITE YOUR INNER SPEAKER, designed exclusively for you: powerful women who are ready to emerge as influential speakers and become the spark that catalyzes lasting change!

In this impactful session, you will:

Uncover the straightforward, yet potent system to secure speaking engagements at premier events, irrespective of your experience or self-doubt. Master the step-by-step process to evolve into a forward-thinking thought leader, ready to make an impact in the world.

Embrace the confidence to live your purpose and create a meaningful difference, while flourishing as the leader of a thriving movement.

It's time for you to rise, share your message, and harness your inner power as a visionary leader. Expand your reach, touch more lives, and embrace the abundance that awaits you. Are you ready to step into the spotlight and let your true self shine?

Elizabeth Ocean

Elizabeth is a visionary leader who empowers women entrepreneurs to become influential speakers and catalysts of transformation! With clients across the globe, she has helped countless women achieve their dreams of becoming sought-after experts on prestigious platforms.

With a 30-year entrepreneurial journey, Elizabeth has extensive experience in producing transformational events, festivals, summits and conferences. Elizabeth has shared the stage with visionary thought leaders like Lisa Nichols, Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff, Mark Groves, Danielle Laporte, Reid Tracy, and many more!

Elizabeth's role as Founder and CEO of the Women's Holistic Business Academy demonstrates her unwavering commitment to championing and elevating visionary women speakers.


All You Have to Do Is Change Your Mind

A simple mind shift from one of controlling to simply allowing will change how you see the world around you and allow your good feelings to flow. Learn tools that help you let go of control and allow life to become better than you originally imagined it could be.

Francine Juhlin

Francine Juhlin is the Warrior Princess of Personal Change. She connects you with tools that make change easier. Francine’s 6-Step Process for Personal Change is helping people discover why they want to change and how to find the root cause of their discomfort. Learn about tools that make self-reflection peaceful.


The Language of Leadership

In this inspiring presentation, Gail shows leaders how to use the power of language to engage, inspire and empower others. Participants learn the key phrases that command attention, create connection, and ignite action to make an impact.

Gail Dixon

Gail Dixon is a Speaker, Author, and Coach who guides speakers, thought leaders, and mission driven entrepreneurs in creating messages that make an impact. As leader of The Heart’s Voice Movement, Gail is committed to creating a future where the Heart’s Voice is the universal language that heals the world.


Stand in the Spotlight: The Courage to Be Seen & Heard

You have an important message that the world needs to hear. Getting your message out means stepping up, being visible, and shining your light. It takes guts. Ginny Robertson shares her best tips for being seen and heard, gleaned from 23 years of running a global networking organization.

Ginny Robertson 

Ginny Robertson offers opportunities for deep connection, visibility, and being comfortable playing a bigger role in your business. As the Founder of the On Purpose Woman Global Community & Magazine, she supports you in being seen and heard so you can share your gifts and make your unique difference.


Unleashing the PowHERful Entrepeneur Inside: Say Goodbye to Self-doubt and Self-Sabotage

This talk is designed to help women entrepreneurs understand and embrace their power. We’ll challenge the stories we tell ourselves about what it means to be powHERful. Participants will gain 5 practical strategies to overcome barriers created by limiting beliefs and unconscious acts of self-sabotage to position themselves to excel.

Jacqueline (Jackie) Scott, JD, ML

Jackie Scott is a seasoned executive with multi-sector experience. Trained in Law and Business, Jackie specializes in executive leadership mentoring and coaching. She is an author, national speaker, and trainer who leverages her experience and skills to tap into the strengths of her clients and build their capacity to excel.


How to Build a Mission-Driven Business

Do you long for prosperity and profitability to be easier? You’ll want to listen to this presentation as Jackie explores the destroyers of productivity, cash flow, and peace of mind. She'll shine a light on the simple ways and all it really takes to turn them around.

Jackie Simmons

Jackie imagines a world where your positivity shines like a beacon and attracts your ideal clients like a magnet. She writes and speaks on the leading edges of mindset, money, and the neuroscience that drives success. 

You’ll hang on every word when she gets to your POOH . . .


3 Keys to Use Your Winning Money Power

3 Keys to Use Your Winning Money Power:                                                                                               1) Utilize Empathy                                                                                                                                           2) Learn Ease & Flow                                                                                                                                     3) Initiate Winning Financial Action

Jeannie Dougherty

Jeannie Dougherty is a money expert and mental fitness guide for small business owners who need a vital cash infusion for stable and consistent income. Jeannie helps them create a personalized 90 day powerful cash infusion plan.


How to Write a Compelling Bestseller Even If You're Not a Writer

• Unleash your inner author and write a bestselling book, regardless of your writing           background.
• Discover your unique author archetypes to create compelling content.
• Learn actionable tips to start writing your book right away.
• Acquire a powerful tool to release the critical mind.
• Gain the confidence to share your story and ideas with the world.

Krystal Hille

Krystal Hille is the founder of Hille House Publishing, a transformation & visibility visionary, and 9x #1 bestselling publisher. Purpose-led entrepreneurs hire her because they need more exposure. Through her Author-Archetype System, she helps them to unleash their story, so that they can create a bigger impact, command media attention, and connect with more soul-aligned clients.


Taking Your Next Courageous Steps with Confidence

Lilia will share some simple practices to use when the next steps in your business seem scary and overwhelming. Access your inner knowing and step forward bravely into your dreams.

Lilia Shoshanna Rae

Lilia is a "Live your Brilliance" Mentor who helps healers, intuitives, and changemakers clear blocks and access inner wisdom so they can be the brilliant beacons of light they know themselves to be.


Balancing Your Personal Life With Your Business Needs

Without balance between our business and personal life, we increase our risk of burnout, health problems, and relationship challenges. In this presentation, Linda presents three key practices to help you find the necessary balance so you can love your business AND your life.

Linda Dieffenbach

Linda is a healing arts practitioner, coach, and teacher who specializes in helping people heal their past and create a healthier, more balanced life, and foster stronger, healthier relationships with themselves, their loved ones, and their work/business. Linda is also the Vice President of the Phoenixville Business Alliance.


The Power of Intuition for Greater Productivity and Inner Peace

Intuition: we all have intuitive experiences, but we don’t always listen. So what gets in the way? When you know how intuition shows up for you, choices become easier. This brings alignment in your life, so you can be more productive, resilient, and at peace.

Marije (Mariah) Miller

Marije Miller is a Professional Certified Coach and Human Design Teacher. She helps women shift from feeling lost or overwhelmed in their business to coming home to their heart’s direction. Marije is the creator of the Gates to Soul Wisdom - oracle cards, developing deeper connection with your intuition.


The Magic Bullet for Client Success

Experience a guided transformational hypnosis session so that you can benefit from 10,000 times more focus and 50,000 times more accountability for yourself and your clients.

Mary Elaine Petrucci

Mary Elaine is a healthcare expert who has nearly twenty years of healthcare, pharmaceutical sales, and marketing experience with healthcare organizations. Recently she has completed studies under the auspices of the American Board of Hypnotherapy and NLP in mindset and performance training and coaching.


How to Ensure You Write the Right Book!

Writing a book to promote your business can be daunting or it can be fun! (Or it can be a hot mess!) I will be sharing tips and tricks on how to make sure you write your best book!

Mindy Scarlett

Mindy Scarlett, Managing Director of the Scarlett Creative Group, specializes in helping coaches, consultants and thought leaders write a bestselling book to shine a light on their brand, gain visibility and increase revenue. After running a full service in person marketing company in New Jersey for almost a decade, she moved to Florida, just in time for Covid lockdown and had to pivot her business.

She “niched down” to providing four ways that a business owner can cross the bestselling author line: Done for You (full concierge version), Done with You (coached version), Workshop (group coaching) and Anthology Books done through the Center of Influence Community. The most important part is that she uses her 30 years’ experience in marketing and branding to ensure each client is writing the best possible book for their business!


Becoming An Abundant Coach - 5 Strategies to GROW Your Income

Imagine making money while you sleep! I do and so can YOU. Take charge of your financial life through creating multiple streams of income. 

Here’s the truth: Your business can scale without sacrificing your time, family, or health. And you can do this while impacting more lives than you ever thought possible by utilizing a one-to-many model and leveraging your amazing expertise into a passive income stream with client-support programs. In this value-filled talk, Peggy will share the strategies she used to create financial success without working harder or longer.

Peggy Lamb

Peggy Lamb, LMT, BCTMB, MA is the founder of Massage Publications, The Abundant Bodyworker and The Abundant Coach. Her coaching empowers her clients so abundance and prosperity flows into their lives. 

Although a bit of a "reluctant businesswoman" she nevertheless has built multiple streams of income through her various projects. Peggy brings her eclectic and extensive background into her teaching for an interesting, enjoyable and enlightening learning experience.


The Feminine Genius Sales Formula to Make Money Doing What You Love

In this presentation, as a heart-centered and mission-driven S.H.E. ExcelPreneurs, I will show you how to create a successful business with profitable sales, how to unleash and leverage your Genius and Superpower, and how to make Sales without effort using Authentic Selling with Extreme Confidence and Conviction for massive results in any economy.

Simone Hoa Aubrey

How a 5 year-old father orphan girl from South Vietnam can become an inspirational Speaker, Catalyst and Alchemist coach in Genius and Superpower Monetization using Authentic Selling with Full Confidence and Conviction is a story worth telling.

Today, Simone Hoa Aubrey's passion and purpose is to empower women ExcelPreneurs create and Live the Life they Love with P.O.W.E.R. and their WHY.os.


Optimize Your Impact and Income God’s Way

Build your business God’s way so that you can live the extraordinary life you were designed for. When you SOAR - Surrender, Open, Ask, Receive - you co-create work-life harmony, prosperity, fulfillment, and purpose that align with your values. It’s time to soar into a life you love!

Susan Flerchinger

Susan Flerchinger is a Functional Energy Healer, optimizing health, happiness and harmony in the body, mind and spirit. Her Divine support, intuition, and engineering experience provide Susan with a unique and practical skill set to successfully assist others in breaking through barriers, creating miracles, and becoming your magnificent self.


Unlock Your Flow in Business: The Power of Nurturing Your Whole-Self

Are you ready to FINALLY overcome your inner-talk that creates stagnation, self-doubt, and sluggish motivation in your business? Learn how to unlock your flow, in all aspects of business, by nurturing your whole-self at the foundational level…your subconscious beliefs. When you subconsciously activate your mind, the gates to “flow” open.

Tashina King

With over 10 years of experience coaching women from all over the world, Tashina understands how vital it is to empower the whole-woman in entrepreneurship. She is an internationally recognized top instructor, an entrepreneur since 2008, and has toured over thirteen countries as a coach and professional dancer while being married and having two sons.


3 Ways to Grow a Business Your Love

When you love all aspects of your business, everything about it feels great: attracting clients, delivering your services, and even marketing! Potential clients feel the love and want to be in your vibration. Like a garden getting good nutrients, your business will flourish. In this interactive presentation, you’ll learn 3 tools to love your business more.

Kathryn Yarborough

As a vibrant speaker coach and manifesting clients mentor, Kathryn Yarborough teaches women entrepreneurs how to be authentically vibrant speakers who manifest clients and grow a business they love. She’s the founder of the Manifesting Clients Academy, the creator of the Vibrant Entrepreneurs Circle, an inspirational speaker, and the best-selling author of Keep Moving Forward: A Guide for the On Purpose Solopreneur.

Facebook group:


The Foundation to Success, Funding & Happiness

No magic bullet exists for success. How did I get a multi-billionaire to pen the forward to ‘25 Tools to Achieve Anything’? Or get 11 people to invest in my company? How do I have and keep a dedicated, trusted team happy to be part of The Wellness Universe? Sharing the surprisingly simple answers.

Anna Pereira

Anna Pereira, CEO of The Wellness Universe, multiple times best-selling author, entrepreneurial visionary, and mentor promotes mental health and well-being through wellness programs, events, and her community. She believes happy, healthy, healed humans lead to peace globally. She’s based between NJ and Portugal, with her sports expert husband.


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