Vibrant Speaker Package

Attract clients with a great presentation and a dynamic, engaging delivery!

Kathryn Yarborough, Vibrant Speaker Coach

When you speak, do you want to...

Wow your audience with a great presentation.
Be engaging, dynamic, and authentically vibrant so people want to hear what you have to say.
Use gestures, speak from your core, and ask great questions so you come across as confident, capable, and caring.
Attract clients because your ideal clients can't get enough of you!

Yes?!? Get the Vibrant Speaker Package so you can be the vibrant, engaging, and impactful speaker you've been dreaming of being!

With the Vibrant Speaker Package, you'll...

Craft a great presentation that your ideal clients will love.

Learn how to be dynamic, expressive, and engaging.

Practice and get feedback so you get better and better.

...become an authentically vibrant speaker who attracts clients!

Before working with Kathryn, I spoke at a slow pace, censoring my words before voicing them.  I learned to drop down into my body and get out of my head.  By speaking from an aligned body/mind place, I now bring variety and spontaneity to my speaking, creating greater interest for my audience, and making it more fun.  Using what I learned in the Speak with Your Body program, I received rave reviews from my last speaking engagement.  One member of the audience said she was moved to tears by my talk (in a good way).

Lilia Shoshanna Rae

Angel connector and spiritual mentor for lightworkers and energy healers

The Vibrant Speaker Package includes:

Craft a Client-Attracting Presentation (Value $2700)

9 private sessions with
Kathryn Yarborough where you will:

Use the Speak with Your Body process to uncover content for your presentation that comes from your core.
Create a presentation that will move your ideal clients forward so that they take a next step with you. 
Clarify your main point, stories, information or exercises, opening, and closing so that your presentation leaves your ideal clients wanting more.
Practice and develop your presentation so that you're comfortable engaging your audience and being the fullest expression of yourself. 

Graduation Bonus
(Value $650)

Facebook LIVE promoted and hosted 
by Kathryn Yarborough:

Do your presentation on Facebook LIVE with Kathryn's audience. 
Kathryn will create a graphic, Facebook event, write copy in partnership with you, and promote your presentation.
(Optional) Follow up session for next steps with getting your presentation out there!

BONUS Vibrant Entrepreneurs Circle (Value $6,718)

Six-month membership
that includes:

Two monthly Business Growth Classes to practice using a variety of tools to grow your business. (Value $2400)
Fun Facebook Live Challenge (Value $847)
Manifesting Clients Hoopla (Value $400)
Manifesting Clients Online Training Library (Value $2,271)
Savings of $150 on private sessions with Kathryn.
Speak to Attract Clients Workshop (Value $800)

Speaker Spot Referral (Value Priceless!)

For qualified women entrepreneurs: Be referred to Ginny Robertson for a 30-minute speaker spot during an On Purpose Woman Global Community (OPWGC) online gathering. To be qualified, your topic needs to be appropriate for the OPWGC.

Click here to find out more about the OPWGC.

Vibrant Speaker Package
Value $10,068

Through the speak with your body process, I’ve become comfortable expressing myself with my body when I speak. I used to feel stiff and restrained. Now, I speak up and show up fully. My presentations are better received, and more people have signed up for my group program. Working with Kathryn is totally worth it! She’s brilliant.

Justine Peacock

Energy Psychotherapist

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Refund Policy

If this program is not helpful within the first 3 sessions, you can cancel it and get a full refund.

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