Coaches, Energy Workers, & Other Heart-Based Women Entrepreneurs

Grow the Business Your Heart Longs For!

Four dates and locations to choose from in Florida and Maryland.

Take Your Brakes Off and...

  • Manifest the vision that calls to you.
  • Become the person you're meant to be.
  • Grow the business your heart longs for.
  • Say YES to financial abundance!

Join Kathryn Yarborough for the Take Your Brakes Off Workshop!

Kathryn Yarborough is such a dynamic and engaging speaker that any group would be lucky to have her on stage. She consistently receives high praise and applause for her value packed talks and teaching. I highly recommend Kathryn, she is inspiring, motivating and a fantastic speaker.

Georgia Lee London,

Kathryn Yarborough is an engaging, dynamic speaker who creates excitement for the audience in opening up to new possibilities and strategies for realizing their dreams. I highly recommend Kathryn as a speaker and/or facilitator.  Her authentic and easy-going nature coupled with her expertise is the perfect combination to support transformation for any audience.

Nancy Matthews, International Speaker, Global Leader, Co-Founder of Women’s Prosperity Network

Do  you sometimes think that the only thing
stopping you from your greatest success is you?

Stop holding yourself back! I'm here to show you how.

Hi!  It's Kathryn Yarborough here.

In the past, I held myself back. So I know what it's like.

  1. Sometimes, I didn't go full out with selling my services and attracting clients.
  2. I ignored the vision that my Higher Self was showing me because I didn't believe I could manifest it.
  3. Instead of looking for speaking gigs, I stayed in my comfort zone. It was easier.

Many coaches, energy workers, and heart-based entrepreneurs hold themselves back.

You don't have to!

Your Future, On Purpose Self will Guide You
Every Step of the Way

I developed a way for you to connect with your future, on purpose self who knows the way and has the answers.

  • She is being the fullest expression of herself.
  • She makes a positive difference in the lives of others all the time.
  • She loves her life. Totally. Completely.
  • She IS being her fullest potential. Without constraint.
  • She feels great, is accomplished and successful according to her own terms!

Every time you connect with her (that's the future you), she will show you how to become her!

Join me for the upcoming Take Your Brakes Off Workshop and...

  • Connect with your future, on purpose self so that you can clarify what you really want to create; find the courage to go for it; and move forward without constraint.
  • Write a new story about your future so you can release your old stories and energize the life and business you want to create.
  • Explore how to apply client-focused business planning and marketing to your vision for the future so you can take practical steps to move forward with manifesting it.
  • Discover what your purpose path looks and feels like so that you can identify what you need to accomplish on the next leg of your journey and get started.

Take your brakes off, too!

It takes courage to STOP holding yourself back.  It takes guts to step out of your comfort zone.  To really go for it, it takes a belief that what you want to create really matters.

Your future, on purpose self can point the way for you.  She can be like a North star, a guide, and a cheerleader.

  • Stop holding yourself back!
  • Manifest the vision that calls to you.
  • Become the person you really want to be.
  • Grow the business your heart longs for!

Register for the Take Your Brakes Off Workshop

Four locations.  Choose the date and location that best fits your schedule.

10:00 - 5:00

Check-in and informal networking starts at 9:30.

Only $127
(Includes lunch)


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