Coaches, Energy Workers, Healers, and other On Purpose Solopreneurs

You can grow the business your heart longs for!

If you want to...

Manifest clients so that you're financially abundant.
Be on purpose while you grow your business.
Feel great.
Raise the collective vibration of humanity so that we ALL make better choices, become better stewards of our planet, and treat each other with more respect and kindness.

Join the Moving Sidewalk Movement!

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We are a community of heart-based, on purpose solopreneurs who:

Tell ourselves stories about the future that feel good.
Are being and becoming our future on purpose selves!
Take inspired action to grow our businesses.
Are being a magnet to our ideal clients.
Give each other support, encouragement, and (possibly) business.
Have decided it's a priority to move in alignment with the unfoldment of the Great One / All-That-Is / the Divine.

What members say about the Moving Sidewalk Movement
and working with Kathryn Yarborough:

"Every time I fully utilize what Kathryn imparted my number of contacts increase. These classes and Kathryn’s heartfelt wisdom are helping my business to grow and thrive! I am so incredibly grateful that I signed up!!!”

Shelly O’Connell
Flirting Coach for Women

"You have been a rock for me - a sense of stability and consistency as well as being a font of inspiration and creativity and then a source of all things practical. You are helping me show up and share my gifts. And you do it in such an unassuming way. Thank you."

 Lilia Shoshanna Rae
Author of The Art of Listening to Angels

“You give me clarity, support and see me in my fullest potential. You make the impossible seem reachable. You are always positive, creative, supportive and I feel less alone and more capable thanks to your guidance and support.”

Justine Peacock
Energy Psychotherapist and Career Coach

Become your future on purpose self!

Your future, on purpose self is totally fulfilling your purpose. Without constraint, fear, or resistance. She is unstoppable! Your moving sidewalk is the path between where you are now and where your future, on purpose self is.

As a member of the Moving Sidewalk Movement, you get training on how to:

Get on your moving sidewalk and become your future on purpose self so you too can be unstoppable.
Write stories about the future that feel good so you can easily get back on your moving sidewalk and feel great with every step.
Shift your focus back to feeling good after upsets, rejections, or fear try to stop you.
Create a client-focused business and marketing plan so you can grow a business you love.

Join the Moving Sidewalk Movement!

Membership Levels

Moving Forward


Monthly Moving Forward Class

Online Training Center

Unlimited Events 

Discounts on private sessions and more!


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Accelerating (Best Value!)


All Moving Forward Member benefits

One Private Session/month with Kathryn ($3600 value) 


Total Value $5,883+

One Year Membership:

One Payment of $1,797 
or pay $167/month for 12 months:

Membership Includes:

  1. Monthly Moving Forward Classes on Zoom. During these classes, you'll go on a guided journey to meet with your future on purpose self, make a plan for the next month, and write new stories about the future that feel good. These classes take place on second Thursdays at 1-2:00pm Pacific / 4-5:00pm Eastern. These classes are recorded if you can't make them LIVE.
  2. Online workshops with Kathryn. These are usually not recorded unless otherwise indicated.
  3. Dream Business Course. A 7-module course to create the different pieces of your dream business so you can manifest it.
  4. Access to the Online Training Center where you'll find self-directed business growth courses, meditations to align with the Divine and open to abundance, and block clearing tools.
  5. Discounts on the private sessions and programs not included in your membership. Instead of $300/session, pay only $125 for private sessions. Save $100 on the Manifesting Clients 6-Week Program and save $200 on the Unleash Your Light on Facebook Master Mind 12-Week Program.
  6. Member only Facebook group.

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If you join, attend a class, and discover this community is not right for you, you can cancel any level of membership within the first month.

About Kathryn Yarborough

Hi! It's Kathryn here. I've helped on purpose, heart-based entrepreneurs grow businesses they love since 2006. To find out more about me,  click here.


If you have questions about anything, click the following link to contact me (Kathryn). Click here.


The monthly Moving Forward Classes are recorded and the replay is posted in the Moving Sidewalk Movement member Facebook group. Events are NOT recorded.

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