Coaches, Energy Workers, Healers and Other On Purpose Solopreneurs

Without clients, you can't grow the business your heart longs for.

With clients, you can:

Commit to being a person with clients in Kathryn Yarborough's Manifesting Clients 6-Week Program and discover how easy it is for you to attract them!

The Manifesting Clients 6-Week Program

Starts August 9, 2021

What to expect during the program:

You'll choose one manifesting clients goal to focus on during the program (i.e. attract three new clients every month or enroll ten people in your upcoming program). You'll get guidance to create 6 different new story prompts focused on your goal. You'll be in an accountability Facebook group where you'll report what you're experiencing by writing, reading, or saying your new story three to five times a day. (Value $200)

The Program Also Includes:

(Total Value is $800.)

Facilitated by Kathryn Yarborough

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