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“The Manifesting Clients Classes have taught me how to align, open to and receive clients in my business. Every time I fully utilize what Kathryn imparted my number of contacts increase. These classes and Kathryn’s heartfelt wisdom are helping my business to grow and thrive! I am so incredibly grateful that I signed up!!!”

Shelly O’Connell, Life Coach, M.Div., B.S.B.S.

The package includes:

  1. "Three Manifesting Classes" (Value $141) where you'll learn how to write and say your new stories in a way that works.  Click to buy just the 3 Manifesting Classes for $141.
  2. A "Manifest More Clients Strategy Session" (Value $300) during which, together, we'll explore your strengths and challenges with attracting clients; and we'll identify steps you can take now to attract more.  Click to buy just the Manifest More Clients Strategy Session for $300.
  3. The "Write Your Epic Business Story PDF Workbook" (Value $39) that will give you a structure to write new stories about your business, attracting clients, making money, and more.  Click to buy just the workbook for $39.

Total value: $480

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Manifesting Clients Kickstarter Package

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