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Make more money.
Do the work you feel called to do.
Make a difference in more people's lives!

Join Kathryn Yarborough for an online

Manifesting Clients Hoopla!

Friday June 9
10:00am - 1:00pm Pacific / Noon - 3:00pm Central / 1:00 - 4:00pm Eastern 

  These exercises are really incredibly introspective and enlightening. They’re safe, they feel very good to do and they reveal a lot.

~ Kathy Pendleton

  I love the reminder when we have a desire in heart it comes from a place bigger than us.   In this event today, you showed us how to grow that and to manifest it. 

~ Gina Tyckoson

I have felt so lost and ungrounded. What we did today helped me focus on what I need to do next and what I need to do after that.

~ Genevieve Digiovanni

A Manifesting Clients Hoopla is a combination of a workshop and networking event where you will:

Learn how to apply the 7 steps to manifesting anything to manifesting clients so that you can attract all the clients or customers you want.
Meet new people and grow your network.
Practice the most important manifesting clients skill you'll ever learn so that you can begin manifesting clients right away.
Have fun with useful and interactional exercises!

Want to get good at manifesting clients?

Manifestation is the practice of turning an idea into physical reality.

Humans manifest all the time. Often, we're NOT intentional about what we manifest. So when a person has unconscious resistance to attracting clients, they'll likely push people away or not attract as many as they'd like.

Get real, live people signing up for your stuff!

In the Manifesting Clients Hoopla, you'll learn how to consciously and intentionally turn your desire for more clients or customers into real live people signing up for your programs, buying your products, or saying YES to your offers.

Manifesting Clients Hoopla

A 3-Hour Online Event Cost $47

Friday June 9
10:00am - 1:00pm Pacific / Noon - 3:00pm Central / 1:00 - 4:00pm Eastern 


Refund Policy

If something happens and you can't make the event, if you cancel 1 week before the event, you'll receive 100% refund. No refunds in the week before the event.

About Kathryn Yarborough

Hi! It's Kathryn here. I've helped on purpose, heart-based entrepreneurs grow businesses they love since 2006. To find out more about me,  click here.


If you have questions about anything, click the following link to contact me (Kathryn). Click here.


This event will be recorded. However, it is highly interactive and to get the full benefit, join us live.

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