FUN Facebook LIVE Challenge
January 15 - 26

For Women Entrepreneurs Who Want to Attract Clients!

Challenge Leader: Kathryn Yarborough
Vibrant Speaker Coach and Manifesting Clients Mentor

You can use Facebook LIVES to:

Become known as an expert in your field.
Grow your e-list, your Facebook group, and your followers!
Give your ideal clients a way to know, like, and trust you.
Attract clients!

Want to learn how? Sign up for the FUN Facebook LIVE Challenge for only $47.

Awesome Facebook LIVE Challenge! I felt safe in the group. I really appreciated the structure and the prompts. I needed them. Years ago, I dabbled at LIVES and felt sweaty and had heart palpitations. Now, because of this challenge, I’m feeling more comfortable hitting the start button. I did a Facebook LIVE in my personal page yesterday! Thank you so much.

~ Lydia Romero-Johnson

Before participating in this challenge, I rarely did Facebook Lives. I knew they were important and yet I held resistance to doing them. The tips and topics Kathryn gave were helpful and made doing them simple to accomplish. I’ve learned so many tips that have been huge and made such a big difference. It can be fun to do Facebook LIVEs. I’m going to do them moving forward and make them fun. I’m really grateful for being here and I highly recommend that you try this challenge.

~ Shelly O’Connell

If you want to use Facebook LIVES to attract clients BUT you...

Don't do them consistently enough to get good results.
Have never attracted clients from the LIVES you've done.
Don't know where to start.
Haven't done them in a while and want to do them again.

With the FUN Facebook LIVE Challenge you'll...

...get to do 10 Facebook LIVES in our safe and secret group so that by the end of the challenge you'll feel comfortable doing them. You'll learn how to do Facebook LIVES so that your ideal clients come to know, like, and trust you. You'll discover ways to attract clients with your Facebook LIVES that actually work so that when you do them, your ideal clients will take a next step with you. 

And you'll have fun while you do it!

Included in the Challenge:

Secret Facebook Group

Be part of a secret Facebook group where you'll get to practice doing Facebook LIVEs in a safe, protected environment.
(Value: High)

10 Lessons on how to do great Facebook LIVEs

Learn how to do great Facebook LIVEs so people want to watch them! Each weekday of the challenge, Kathryn will do a short Facebook LIVE lesson. (Value $250)

10 Facebook LIVE Assignments

So that you get comfortable doing Facebook LIVES, you'll get to do 10 of them in our secret group!
(Value: What you put into them)

Encouragement, Community, and Feedback

With support from others, you'll become a Facebook LIVE rockstar!
(Value: Immeasurable)

BONUS - Client-Attracting Facebook LIVEs Workshop

So that you can learn the steps needed to attract clients with Facebook LIVEs, included with the challenge is registration to the Client-Attracting Facebook LIVEs Workshop that's happening on February 2. (Value $300)


Complete all 10 Facebook LIVE video Assignments and you'll win an Authentically Vibrant Assessment and Consultation with Kathryn so you can become a more vibrant, impactful speaker. (Value $297)

Sign Up Now! Total Value $847

Only $197 $47

I learned that Facebook LIVEs can be fun. And I never thought they could be fun, but I actually enjoyed the process.

~Samantha Tishner

The FUN FB Challenge has truly been a fun, learning experience!  I got so much out of the two weeks.

~ Jean Wright

Money Back Guarantee

If you do this challenge and it's not helpful, Kathryn  Yarborough will refund your money!

Want to...

Feel comfortable doing Facebook LIVEs?
Know how to do GREAT Facebook LIVEs?
Be able to attract clients with Facebook LIVEs?
Have more awesome women entrepreneurs in your network?

Sign Up for the FUN Facebook LIVE Challenge!

Questions Answered

by Kathryn Yarborough

When does it start? 

Question One

It starts on January 15 at 10am Eastern. I'll do each Facebook LIVE training video in our secret group at 10:00am Eastern Monday - Friday. But don't worry, you don't have to watch them LIVE. The replays will be available in the group.

What if I get behind?

Question Two

You'll be able to catch up on the weekends. You'll have through Tuesday January 30 to complete all the Facebook LIVE assignments in order to win the special Authentically Vibrant Assessment and Consultation.

What if I have technical questions?

Question 3

You can ask any questions in our secret group and I'll answer them to the best of my ability.

How do you know about Facebook LIVEs?

Question Four

I've been using Facebook LIVEs in different ways for the past SEVERAL years. Now that I'm a Vibrant Speaker Coach, I use them more intentionally and I'm excited to share what I've learned with you. Click here for info about me.

How long does each assignment take?

Question Five

My intention is for it take less than 15 minutes a day for you to watch the Facebook LIVE Lesson and complete the Facebook LIVE assignment.

How do I contact you?

Question Six

If you have a question that's not answered here, click here for my contact form.

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