Facebook Networking
10-Day Challenge
Starts July 11

Led by Kathryn Yarborough

A FREE and EASY way to
attract clients on Facebook!

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Use this challenge to:

  • Reach new potential clients!
  • Discover how to attract clients in Facebook groups.
  • Get comfortable posting in Facebook groups.
  • Have fun and meet cool people!
Hi!  It's Kathryn Yarborough here.  I'm delighted you're going to join us for the Facebook Networking Challenge.   It's going to be fun! The challenge includes:
  • Ten days of structured networking in my Facebook group so you'll know how to do it in a way that works.
  • Tips on how to attract clients by networking in Facebook groups.
  • Three EXPERT interviews on other ways to use Facebook to grow your business.
  • EXTRA! Two opportunities to take the networking off Facebook and onto Zoom so we can get to know each other even better!

Networking in Facebook Groups is a FREE and EASY way to attract new clients!

Estra Roell, Certified Life Purpose Coach Estra Roell, Certified Life Purpose Coach

I thoroughly enjoyed Kathryn’s networking challenge on Facebook.  As an introvert, networking is usually something I find difficult and therefore don’t do as much as I would like.  This challenge made it easy!  I highly recommend doing this challenge!

Jill Graham Jill Graham

I would like to say how much I've enjoyed the networking challenge and thank you to Kathryn. It was clear to follow and everything "doable" and I've really enjoyed reading all the posts and getting to know people. It's great to have a group where it's possible to interact and participate regularly.

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Invite Your Friends.  The more the merrier!

Starts July 11