Welcome heart-based entrepreneurs!

I’m Kathryn Yarborough and I’m delighted you’re checking out my coaching page.  I love helping on purpose, heart-based entrepreneurs do the work they’re called to do and thrive.

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For most people, I recommend starting with my Get On Your Moving Sidewalk Event.  In it, you’ll learn about my Keep Moving Forward approach to growing a business your heart longs for so you can see if you’d like to work with me. Most people then join my Moving Sidewalk Movement. However, I do have some stand-alone coaching packages below if you don’t need or aren’t interested in the extra training that Moving Sidewalk Movement members receive.

Before you purchase a package, let’s chat.  I offer complimentary consultations for new clients.  To schedule one, click here.

Intuitive Business Coaching Packages

Want to Talk with Someone About Your Business?
Feeling alone with your business?  Need feedback or support?  You can talk with me about anything that’s going on with your business.  You can bounce business ideas off of me, talk about ways you’re stuck, use me for accountability, or ask me for feedback about anything – like your website or Facebook page.  I’m honest, straightforward, and helpful.  Most people find me really easy to talk to about their business.  And I love listening.  Unlike a loved one, I’m non-judgmental and not attached to the outcome… so talking with me is helpful!   You don’t have to be alone with your business.

Private Session Packages:
One session for $300
Three sessions for $525
Nine sessions for $1350

Monthly Payment Packages:
If you decide to work with me for a committed amount of time, it’s possible to do a monthly payment plan based on the number of sessions you want per month. Ask me about this when we talk.