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Manifesting Clients Breakthrough

Four-Month Package

The Manifesting Clients Breakthrough Package is for you if you:
  • Want to grow a business you love.
  • Periodically feel discouraged about growing your business.
  • Are looking for a simple process to promote your services that works for you.
  • Want clarity about your vision and steps to manifest it.
  • Would like more clients.

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You'll get training and support to:

  • Breakthrough inner blocks and resistances.
  • Craft a sellable offer and design a marketing plan that works for you.
  • Connect to your future, on purpose self.
  • Break free from old, negative stories.
  • Stay focused and forward moving with attracting clients and growing your business.
  • Create a vision for your business that excites you!

The Manifesting Clients Breakthrough
Four-Month Package


Four Months of Unlimited Manifesting Clients Classes

Unlimited Manifesting Clients Classes

In these classes, you will practice writing, reading, and saying your "New Story."  You will clarify what you want for your business and life; take aligned action more easily; and become magnetic to your ideal clients.   (Value $962.)


One Grow Your Dream Business Live, Online, Retreat

Live, Online Retreat

In the Grow Your Dream Business Retreat, you'll be guided through a process of connecting with your future, on purpose self. You'll explore practical steps you can take to grow your business. And you'll make a map of the next 3 - 6 months based on your purpose path. (Value $200.)


Four Months Access to Online Training Center

Online Training Center

Includes self-directed online courses on how to grow a thriving heart-based business; recorded resources including meditations to clear blocks to money and attracting clients, and Kathryn's block-clearing toolbox.  (Value $1,754.)


Four Private Sessions with Kathryn

4 Private Sessions

During these sessions, I'll take you on a guided journey to connect with your future, on purpose self. Based on your vision, we'll work on your business and marketing plans or what ever YOU need. (Value $1,200.)


Total Value: $4116

With a Manifesting Clients Breakthrough, you will...

  • Increase your income.
  • Start attracting clients easily.
  • Have an offer that sells.
  • Go full out with growing your dream business!

Manifesting Clients Breakthrough Package Total Value $4,116!

The cost is only $997.


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The Manifesting Clients Classes have taught me how to align, open to and receive clients in my business.

Shelly O'Connell

(About the Manifesting Clients Classes) I love this class and have already manifested a new client.

Sonya Williams

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